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There simply is no denying that Founder Gen Lane has an incredibly contagious passion for all things natural.

From being a professionally qualified Chef for 10 years, to then spending 17 years working in health in Australia, Gen’s incredible passion for health, and for others shines through in everything that shes does.

Launching her first hemp business Raging Bull and Cheeky Cow®️ in 2016, Gen dedicated her time to designing and developing an incredible eco artisan candle range. As fate would have it, shortly after launching, a major accident involving a freight truck and her car would change things forever. Sustaining serious spinal injuries Gen lived with chronic pain for the next two years before undergoing spinal surgery in January 2018, after exhausting all other non surgical options. But the Universe still had one more surprise for Gen up its sleeve.

Multiple Sclerosis.

For many, these events would be a major setback, but for Gen it was a sign. A sign that she had to muster her grit, determination, strength and experience to change the world for the better.

Spending her time designing and creating incredible artisan candles as often as possible, Gen is also passionate about creating greater awareness for things close to her heart so stay tuned and get ready to learn on how you can become involved!